Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Experience @RMD Engg. College - Initial Days

It was two weeks from Milestone day when I received an Invitation letter from RMD Engg. College, stating College reopening date on 3rd September, 2012. All family members are invited, strictly mentioning their Policy on Electronic gadgets on their campus.

Milestone day (3rd September, 2012) came sooner than I thought while I had all my things ready for a student at Hostel premises. We (with both parents and a younger sister) arranged a Rental car, so that We could reach the college, from our Hometown peacefully with above said luggage. It could have become 8am when we neared it, and throughout the journey I felt like I'm leaving something which I shouldn't. Security instructed as to go through RMK Engg. college entrance (Both colleges have separate name, academics, campus thought connected internally by some routes, Hostel for both is United from 2nd year). I had a put my luggage in entrance collecting a receipt after verifying my Room No. We then moved to RMK Canteen where Nice Pongal and a Coffee (It was 1st and last until now) were offered. After, I was made to collect my ID Card, My family was isolated from me, and I was made to sit along with my-like people. I was expecting a close friend from moment I sat, but time was running. Even thought, Inauguration function was scheduled to start at 9am, It started at 10am which became favourable for my friend to enter campus, have breakfastand participate. All students were addressed by college staffs, Chief guests J.P.Gandhi and Suresh Punjabi, after which Chairman spoke in Tamil then in Telugu (In their speaking content, all kept telling that They are best and only students should realize this. Chairman also asked students not to use Cell phones, illustrating an undigested instance to him). /I was not -at-impressed by their speech, as My mind didn't favour their Rules. / It became 2.30am when all parents and students were in great hunger. We were let to eat in RMD mess, when Parents at RMK. In the way, I also got my friend who became roommate. After, Our lunch we stepped to college before which we were distributed with all study materials and further we walked to Hostel for 1sttime. /Here, Ignore your hearing about our college hostels. No Bicycles, Scooters, Bikes even if day scholars, ultimately no electronic gadgets at all.../

I should remark here, that I was already warned by a friend of RMK who already joined in college for whom college was opened on 23rdAugust, that Actually that were made stay at RMD College, & a new building is constructed from their joining days. The Distinct site proved it. /Entered a construction site! / I, along with friend searched for our room located it after few round. We saw a Five Beds with Bedcover and Pillow without Blanket, a Bucket, Nylon Ropes around room to hang clothes, Two tube lights /Slim & Instantly lights up/ and a Study table. Of five beds, when my friend hurried to pick one near corridor window, I was cornered to have Bed closest to Door. Sometime passed, when, we saw some students taking were parents inside the hostel. I roamed all-over the campus to find my parents, & Finally, after seeing our rooms, all parents let their children stand on their own./ This exactly happened in Boys hostel, I expect similar things at Girl's hostel too/ At 6pm we heard a bell sound, indicating Attendance time. A Person /Warden/ entered each room, and verified the presence of students in respective rooms. At 7pm range the dinner bell, when we were made to vacate hostel and reach RMD Mess. /Didn't have in mind what I ate at that day's noon and that night/ at 8.15pm & followed by 8.30pm two bell sounds, one indicating warning bell and other to study time. As It was 1stday we didn't have anything to study, and warden just instructed everybody, to stay in rooms, scolded the ones who one. At 10.30pm study finished and Lights should be turned off (Sleep time)
About, Bathrooms each floor of 25 rooms (appx.) has 2 Restrooms and each has 5 bathrooms and 6 Indian style toilets and 1 American toilet. Next day morning, warden waked us all striking room's door, one by one room. All waked and went to have milk (6am bell rang during sleep). /At 1stsleep in that room, I had unpleasant dreams, remembering my presence in my home/. After 7am bell, for breakfast we went RMD Mess. (During hostel times, even RMK 1styear students have their Breakfast, Lunch, 4pm Snacks and Dinner at RMD Mess). After Breakfast, we mentioned a queue for each Bathroom /That day I still remember of standing behind two unknown students. That I was very angry, as only one restroom was opened and another was closed. I asked Warden while he said that it would completed in a month, but still (4theFeb, 2012) We 1stfloor-mates had to adjust with only one/. But, that quarrel came to end in a month. Not, with opening another restroom but with many, failing to bath at mornings. /Many started bathing evenings or two days once and so/ We were to dress formals and reach college after 8.10am bell. /An Important point is confess is that, the college time runs 10min faster, which I hate the most/.
It was 2nd time when I went to my class room. Attendance was taken and there after all activities started taking place just like school. /I even many think colleges to function a way different but just as it is with little upgrades of HOD's, Counsellors, Deans, etc./ The college life then got started for with absolutely no ragging./A Nice fact is that I've tried to and till now was able to talk only with two seniors of my same college from that milestone day!. Seniors told that they should not talk to 1st year students (One told me so!!!) / Hence, Joining this college could let you pursuit your dreams studies with higher grades in subjects when you are not allowed to do anything else than that.All Staffs even wardens at hostels would just ask to study and score well. /They just don't understand that it would just fetch an IT job while they call this achievement and as a great success for life! /
Another comment about rooms is that all room's windows are covered with Mosquito covers yet it is possible to see many in rooms. At rooms one will find that small interesting news like one got converted into day scholar for usage of cell phone for example would reach very soon. About Dhobi they come a week once, while after increase in their prices students in recent times many don't give clothes to them and many prefer wash by their selves. They also just do Ironing work if one prefers /Even, Iron box is not allowed/. About Shaving, Students who with some mm's of beard will be caught by OA /People who work for little salary as nearly regulators. Even they have right to scold students with bad words and no one should (can even) mind. They are responsible for separating boys girls at Messes, Bus boarding and all the like places around college. I really demand a proper reason for such separation/ They get students ID Card and expect one to get it only after a clean face /They tell you that you are studying a Professional course and you have to be a professional. But, I have seen persons in IT with French! /. A confusion-most thing of that college is that, They don't inform students about anything in campus! /In hours of speech by college staffs, members was wasted by impressing parents, and all the timings of mess, food schedule of each day and time was to be self-monitered. In Lunch students are provided with Curd cups which in case not required would be taken by Canteen peoples. If you find a Teaspoon then Ice creams would be coming half the way of lunch. All the Floors have two staircases while separate one is allotted for boy and girls while students themselves should learn these. /
Altogether I am very comfortable saying that, If you don't prefer and consider a role for your own Liberty, then you have a chosen a very good college in hand for good future (they tell so) /For me, and me-like person Liberty is one like Breath.[*1] /
Best wishes for your college life, and this is my point of view about RMD Engineering college (College Code: 1115). Hope, Person studying is this Institute or joining this institute could get comprehensive knowledge about this college. I would try to update this blog as I move to fore coming years and provide detailed information as of my mind. Positive comments are most welcome!

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*1 refers to Liberty walk from Can't be Tamed album of Miley Cyrus

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  1. That was well written and regrets to such regressive life at engineering... hope you would groove smoothly at the end... Fortunately I could never live in a hostel but I could feel being part of! Sincerely a lively one! Love to read more of yours.. +1ed!